Saturday, November 29, 2014

Marc LeBlanc | Portrait Selections | MB Photography in Halton Hills

"You kinda got a Nicolas Cage thing going on here, Marc."

"Is that good?"

"You're going to have to tell me, man."

Personally I love this first shot although it is not at all representative of who Marc is - There's no mega-watt smile or good natured crinkle in the eyes, but his eyes are clear and focused and that - to me - is Marc.

We had a mini-studio session last week and Marc brought his sweet guitar with him so we, of course shot that.  In fact, between chatting about guitars, setting up lights, moving lights, moving Marc, moving me we somehow ate up 2 hours and it was a mad dash home for Marc who had obligations to attend to.  Whoops :)  

Everything is shot in front of a white seamless and lit with Westcott's 28" Apollo and a sometime white reflector for fill.  


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