Monday, December 8, 2014

Claire Nicholls | Portrait Selections | MB Photography in Halton Hills

Claire came over a week ago and we shot in the mini-studio.  We went stripped down with a single 28" apollo softbox providing the light sometimes augmented by a 5:1 reflector to fill in shadow.

When I had first pictured the shoot I was completely sketching ideas around Claire wearing a tank top because when I first met her that's what she was wearing and she had a Starbuck vibe going on.  But then she had to show up with her awesome vest with the hood.  I love hoods so, though we shot the tank top, I really only wanted to stay on the hood.  

This shoot started and ended almost on time!  I like to jibber jabber and Claire indulged my every jibber. :)

My personal favourite image is the last in this series.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Marc LeBlanc | Portrait Selections | MB Photography in Halton Hills

"You kinda got a Nicolas Cage thing going on here, Marc."

"Is that good?"

"You're going to have to tell me, man."

Personally I love this first shot although it is not at all representative of who Marc is - There's no mega-watt smile or good natured crinkle in the eyes, but his eyes are clear and focused and that - to me - is Marc.

We had a mini-studio session last week and Marc brought his sweet guitar with him so we, of course shot that.  In fact, between chatting about guitars, setting up lights, moving lights, moving Marc, moving me we somehow ate up 2 hours and it was a mad dash home for Marc who had obligations to attend to.  Whoops :)  

Everything is shot in front of a white seamless and lit with Westcott's 28" Apollo and a sometime white reflector for fill.  


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Garrett Williams | Portrait Selections | MB Photography in Halton Hills

It's always great to get guys into the mini-studio - especially nice, down to earth guys like Garrett. 

 I've known 'Bud' for some years now, kind of surprising that this was the first real time spent shooting him!  

Knowing that we were going to be shooting in a relaxed, informal kind of way was great and afforded us a chance to play with some different lighting set ups and looks.  Garrett was quite at home in front of the camera and made it pretty easy to transition to different set ups.  

All shots are in front of a 4 foot wide grey seamless, lighting set up was usually two +Westcott Lighting 28" Apollos (main and fill) sometimes with a third speedlight, gridded and aimed at the background.  At the beginning of the shoot the fill was westcott's 7' parabolic umbrella but it was much easier to use the apollo's for the space I have.

I finally got to use my bankers chair in a portrait session!  It is a half finished restoration but it looks quite nice in the photos.  I think I'll pull it out again!

The last image of Garrett in my peacoat is one of my faves.  I was kind of stunned that it fit him so well as we're both different builds.  Fun Fact:  In this shot the second Apollo softbox is resting on my couch!  You can do a lot with a small space :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Shave for the Brave | Before and After Photos | Hair donations

"Would you still love me if I shaved my head on our anniversary?"

My first thought was, "you can't trap me this way!" and that was quickly followed by, "oh, she sent me a link too!"

The link led to 12 year old Sarah's challenge to bring 100 people together to shave or cut their hair to make wigs for children battling cancer.  Even before I'd clicked the link I knew what my answer was but it always helps to have context.

"Duh," I wrote back,  "I'll even shave with you!"

"Now we have anniversary plans :)."

And we did.  And it was a great day.

Wicked Hair Salon ( generously opened their business on Saturday September 27th  - Rod and his team of stylists were on hand to shave, cut and style everyone that walked in.  Rod, himself, even underwent the razor and I think that was a wholly unexpected twist as I heard, quite plainly, "Mom! Mom!  Dad's getting his head shaved!"

This, really, is how things start.  It's the simple spirit of moving past yourself, offering whatever you have to someone who needs it.  Sarah, her family and friends were fantastic and supportive and we had a great morning where twenty people came in to donate their hair for a great cause, and we raised over three thousand dollars.

Cancer is a strange unifier.  It destroys and causes heartbreak but at the same time people like Sarah come and lift spirits, inspire action and cohere disparate groups of people.  Speaking plainly, cancer is a darkness - I loathe it.  But watching an active, caring community beat back that darkness to the corners for kids who need every available light ... it's awesome and I was very proud to help in any way I could.

Huge thanks to Sarah for the idea and work, and to her family for championing that idea.  Thanks to Gerrad, a young man who has battled cancer and found support through YACC and was able to provide insight on the impact of hair and financial donations. Thanks to the team at Wicked, the Georgetown Superstore for snacks and everyone that came out in support.

Don't let it end here!  There is always more to do and a myriad number of ways that YOU can help out.

Young Adult Cancer Canada
Attn:  Shave for the Brave
18 Argyle Street, Suite 201
St. John's, NL
A1A 1V3

Phone: 1-877-571-7325

If you see yourself in these photos and want access to the high res versions (or a version suitable for facebook) just let me know by sending an email or getting in contact through facebook!

Sarah, her mom and Gerrad.
Sarah and Gerrad
Sarah with family before the cut.

Me and my son

The Children of Wicked :)