Thursday, November 6, 2014

Garrett Williams | Portrait Selections | MB Photography in Halton Hills

It's always great to get guys into the mini-studio - especially nice, down to earth guys like Garrett. 

 I've known 'Bud' for some years now, kind of surprising that this was the first real time spent shooting him!  

Knowing that we were going to be shooting in a relaxed, informal kind of way was great and afforded us a chance to play with some different lighting set ups and looks.  Garrett was quite at home in front of the camera and made it pretty easy to transition to different set ups.  

All shots are in front of a 4 foot wide grey seamless, lighting set up was usually two +Westcott Lighting 28" Apollos (main and fill) sometimes with a third speedlight, gridded and aimed at the background.  At the beginning of the shoot the fill was westcott's 7' parabolic umbrella but it was much easier to use the apollo's for the space I have.

I finally got to use my bankers chair in a portrait session!  It is a half finished restoration but it looks quite nice in the photos.  I think I'll pull it out again!

The last image of Garrett in my peacoat is one of my faves.  I was kind of stunned that it fit him so well as we're both different builds.  Fun Fact:  In this shot the second Apollo softbox is resting on my couch!  You can do a lot with a small space :)

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  1. All I can say is wow. I know the williams they are great people and Garrett is a Natural in front of a lense