Monday, December 8, 2014

Claire Nicholls | Portrait Selections | MB Photography in Halton Hills

Claire came over a week ago and we shot in the mini-studio.  We went stripped down with a single 28" apollo softbox providing the light sometimes augmented by a 5:1 reflector to fill in shadow.

When I had first pictured the shoot I was completely sketching ideas around Claire wearing a tank top because when I first met her that's what she was wearing and she had a Starbuck vibe going on.  But then she had to show up with her awesome vest with the hood.  I love hoods so, though we shot the tank top, I really only wanted to stay on the hood.  

This shoot started and ended almost on time!  I like to jibber jabber and Claire indulged my every jibber. :)

My personal favourite image is the last in this series.