Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Julie Ball - Street Soldier | Halton Hills Portrait session

I met Julie at a Mark Bocek seminar put on by +Street Soldier MMA Brand  and +Battle Arts Academy .  Normally in a place as impressive as Battle Arts and with Mark Bocek in the house you stay focused on the MMA activity but Julie reps Street Soldier, a premier Canadian sports apparel company so I had to talk with her. 

We hit it off, I took some images of her at Battle Arts and then we agreed to meet up and do some shooting later on.

Yesterday was later on.  After a horrible, horrible winter (horrible) we had a brilliantly wonderful +10 degrees to deal with so we headed out to Scotsdale Farm to do a little shooting. Things were incredibly mucky (seriously, it was a little like off roading), owing to the hard winter and only very recent thaw but everyone gamely proceeded on.  

I had some help with reflectors and lighting from Julie's friend, Sarah and Nathan, a local chap who works at Halton Camera Exchange.  Nathan and Sarah were indispensable, especially at the very chilly end on the field hill in Scotsdale.

The last two images are lit with +Westcott Lighting 28" softboxes on either side of Julie.  We actually came prepared to shoot exactly these images but the sky at the beginning of the shoot was just too blue with no clouds so we waited until closer to sunset before heading to the fields.

Unfortunately,  the warm weather took a big dive by the time we got to the final shots, Julie was shivering near uncontrollably so we wrapped up very quickly shooting only five frames.  We said our goodbyes, the ladies headed to their car while Nathan and I packed up the gear.

All in all a fantastic way to spend an hour and a half outdoors.