Monday, June 2, 2014

Shannon N | Halton Hills Portrait session | MB Photography

Shannon Norton came to the home-studio to have a mini-fashion montage!  Shannon is a bit of a "look junky" (I'm not at all sure if this is a real word, I just don't know how else to term it) so we got to play with some very simple, fun clothing combinations which is always fun.

I lost my beauty dish to thievery a few shoots back so my really simple two light set up was replaced by the ever awesome 7' parabolic umbrella by Westcott and the 28" Medium Apollo for fill. In a small space the 7 foot is a bit challenging because I didn't always want the white seamless to blow out, in fact I more often want a little tone and shadow creeping in. 

Shannon is always great to work with.   We've got an environmental shoot planned in the near future - can't wait for it.